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Yes, it confirms there are bad bosses and good bosses and they can fall into different categories.

Why do we continue to work for the bad ones? It only encourages them.

The current discussion on climate change too often focuses on what government should do and how 'industry' and 'big business' are to blame, rather than concentrate on our responsibilities and our power to change things for ourselves.

Climate change will only be halted or eventually even reversed if we take greater responsibility for each tiny action we take, each degree we turn down our thermostat, each decision not to encourage transporting lettuce 3000 miles by simply not buying it, each time we refuse to buy bottled water, each time we walk instead of drive.

We can blame 'industry' and 'big business' but who the h*ll do you think buys the products and services of these companies? You do, I do, we do.

So there are two alternatives if you believe change is required. You can either simply stop buying the products of unhealthy enterprises, or you can make it clear to them what changes you expect from them if they expect you to continue buying their goods and services.

So it is with climate change, so it is with workplace bullying - think global and act local.

Study examples of good workplace practice from around the world, and educate yourself in applying them locally, in your own place of work, and those of your friends and family members. Apply these good practices not just in unhealthy workplaces which clearly need change, but in all workplaces - don't wait for signs of toxicity before employing good practice. (The sea level where I live hasn't changed yet so I don't need to worry...)

You can decide to make positive change in your workplace and refuse to encourage bad bosses and workplaces.

You can do this by not working for the bad bosses or in the bad workplaces.

You have the same two alternatives as with climate change - stay and try to improve the situation, or refuse to encourage it and simply get out.

Yes 'someone should do something about' both climate change and workplace bullying, and that someone is you.

Stephen Hill February 2007

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