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New - Lawyer in Toronto area - recommended by a member

A fabulous lawyer is Rob Waddell. Phone 416-368-9550 (Toronto, Ontario) and email is Highly ethical man who will tell you directly what your chances are and strategies to take. He's also really aware of the collusion between employers and unions. I highly recommend him. So much so that my husband, who is union representative, suggests people call Rob Waddell before they report incidents to the union.

How to find legal help and legal information

Though some of this information is specific to BC most areas have their own Pro Bono group or an equivalent. We believe the Lawyer Referral Service (number 3 below) is available across most of the country.

Here are ways you can look for a lawyer and get legal information.

1. Find out if you can get legal aid:

This site will tell you where the legal aid offices are located and give you information about who is eligible and what matters legal aid covers.

You can also get information at the Legal Services Society Call Centre 1-866-577-2525. If you do not get the answers you need in the recorded messages, stay on the line, and someone will help you.

2. Look for a free legal clinic or program

Go to the Directory. It has a listing of pro bono programs. Pro bono programs have lawyers who provide legal advice for free. Check to see if there is a pro bono program in your area, and follow the links. There will be an income test to use the clinic's services.

3. Use Lawyer Referral

The Lawyer Referral Service is a program that lets you meet with a lawyer to discuss your legal problem. The cost is $25 for the first half-hour.

Lower Mainland: (604) 687-3221; Outside the Lower Mainland: 1-800-663-1919 (toll free)

This service is available in many BC communities. When you phone, give a brief description of your legal question, and get the name of a lawyer and phone number to call for an appointment.

The lawyer will give you one interview of up to 30 minutes for $10. You can use this time to explain your situation. The lawyer will tell you what your choices are, what is involved, and how much he or she would charge to help you with the case.

4. Phone the Law Line

The Law Line is a telephone service that provides legal information. Staff on the Law Line can answer your legal questions and direct you to other information or services that can help you solve your legal problems. They do not give legal advice.

The toll free number is: 1-866-577-2525.

From the Vancouver area, call 604 408-2172.

5. Phone a community advocate

Community advocates can help people on low incomes deal with legal problems. Community advocates are not lawyers but are familiar with laws and legal procedures.

The map for 'Find an Advocate' is current, and includes links to government agents and Legal Services Society local agents and regional offices.

6. Get information from BC Dial-A-Law

BC Dial-A-Law is a series of taped recordings about legal information topics, including how to get a lawyer when you can't afford to pay for one. The tapes are prepared by the Canadian Bar Association (BC Branch).

To contact Dial-A-Law, phone: 604 687-4680, toll-free: 1-800-565-5297.

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