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From the Work Life administrators: 'Just wanted to let you know that we are currently engaged in a research project to explore the experience of returning to work after a stress-related leave (which includes bullying).' Well we all need as much support as possible at that time so let us hope their research gives some practical 'dos' and 'don'ts' to handle the return to employment.

The site is run by the Centre for Families, Work & Well-Being at the University of Guelph


This site somehow got lost from our list of links. CEIU stands for Canada Employment and Immigration Union, and their page on bullying is comprehensive and includes worldwide sources and resources. They are kind enough to link to our site and we are happy to return the favour (again, at last...).

Recommended - section on bullying is in there somewhere we think.....

No Bully For Me - adding insight to injury

A campaign to support and inform the targets of workplace
bullying and to promote respectful workplaces.

We are physically based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada