Members in motion: local groups of No Bully For Me

Vancouver area meetings

We are based in Vancouver BC. We hold regular monthly-ish meetings in Vancouver. For times and dates of Vancouver meetings 'subscribe' to our newsletter and you will receive notice of our local meetings.

Other local support group meetings

Running a local No Bully For Me peer support group.
Here's a factsheet in PDF format in response to a question we are frequently asked: 'I want to help by setting up a local support group - but how?'.

Current local support groups

A Calgary, Alberta area support group has been started - next meeting announced below
Hi Karen and Stephen We had our first meeting on May 24 at the home of one of our [4!] members. The time went so quickly and we each talked a bit about our own situations, then some thoughts about where we would like this group to go etc. Our next meeting is on June 28 at 6:30.

[ Contact for details]. Please post an announcement of our next meeting.


A Barrie, Ontario area support group has been started

The Barrie group will be meeting the first Monday of every month from 7-8:30 at St. Mary's Church, 65 Amelia Street (near intersection of St. Vincent and Duckworth) in meeting room 1.

Here is what Anne, one of the organisers, says about the meetings and what she brings to running them:

I am a teacher by profession but I was a therapist before going into teaching. This group is NOT group therapy but I will bring elements of my knowledge to it. I have already given educational workshops about bullying and I like to structure the support group so it's focus is on bully proofing and bully busting strategies. There will definitely be space for sharing of stories in order to assure validation, but I don't want the focus to be all doom and gloom. The experience needs to be positive in order to be beneficial. Right now the space is free but if there isn't a great turnout I will loose the space.

Chris and Anne are the names of the organisers.

Several meetings have been held and Chris and Anne are looking forward to meeting new attendees.

No Bully For Me - adding insight to injury

A campaign to support and inform the targets of workplace
bullying and to promote respectful workplaces.

We are physically based in Vancouver, B.C., Canada